Conference Live Streaming

The current situation with COVID may prevent you from delivering your originally scheduled conference, but it can still go ahead despite this. Live streaming your conference is the way to keep going! Live stream offers a safe solution to allow audiences to continue to participate with your company conference. Audiences will still receive the same information as if they were turning up to the conference in person. In fact, the reach of your audience could be far more extensive than originally anticipated, as a live stream can target millions of worldwide viewers. The content of your conference can continue to attract more people, with the conference being uploaded to social media platforms after the live stream, allowing viewers to still engage. 

Our technicians can set up multiple cameras around your staging area so all angles can be recorded and help make the live stream more visually engaging. 

Presentation material can also be displayed with the live stream. Our technicians can input content needed for your conference subject, to appear on a split screen. All you have to do is make sure our technical team receives the files before the live stream and it will be configured to the correct ratios to ensure the highest quality is streamed on the day of the live stream. 

One benefit you have during this pandemic, is not having to concern yourself with locating a venue for the size of your audience. Live streaming your conference means you can reach a much wider audience, without having to compromise on venue space. 

To get your conference live stream going, get in touch with our team today.