Community events provide a platform for local residents to get together and celebrate all different types of events. These events are an important element in keeping community spirits up and recognising the different cultures within a community.

No matter how small or large scale the community event, whether it is an event for a fireworks display, town council event, local or national marathons, local school events, open air community concerts, we tailor the AV equipment for your community event.

Our technicians always work professionally and ensure that your event is successful and runs smoothly, keeping the community celebrating together.

If you require staging, this can be built to the size you need, along with a range of backdrops for you to choose from. Trussing be will erected around to position lights around the main stage. Lighting options can be discussed with you, we will listen to what effects you would like and suggest which lighting will give you the best result you desire.

Microphones and PA sound systems will be strategically placed around the venue to ensure that sound is spread evenly and clearly.

Projection screens or plasma screens are a good way to create a live feed of the action on the main stage or to showcase material relevant to the event. These can be arranged on the main stage or around the venue. Our team can arrange an on-site visit to go through the best positions for screens to be set up.

One factor to take into consideration is, if this is a regular community event in a venue, you may want to talk to our team about installations. This will mean you have permanent AV equipment set up. Our technicians will also provide you with comprehensive training on how to use the equipment.

Installations will be best suited for schools, town halls or local community halls which house regular community events.

We understand that every community event has different requirements, therefore we always endeavor to tailor the AV equipment to suit your community.