Hire Press Walls

Press walls have traditionally been used for press conferences and interviews, but they are now being utilised in many different forms of events, from exhibition stands, product launches, conference or business awards, trade shows, as well as the popular sporting events.  Erecting a press wall will bring more credibility to your event and so therefore it is an important element of any professional event.

They are also a way to ensure that the event sponsor’s get a chance to get the camera time and exposure they need. So press walls allow the brands to be marketed to large audiences and they get the recognition they need throughout and even after the event. With photographers instantly uploading images from press conferences and other events, the press wall will ensure that the brands marketed are given maximum marketing across a range of mediums, which is a perfect way to advertise.

Press walls are an excellent tool to have as a focal point for the event. They offer a way to ensure that the background for an interview or press conference does not appear to basic, when photographers take image the backdrop can provide an interesting eye-catching display. This is especially the case for an LED wall press wall, the crispness and amazing display of changing images, or static if you wish, will leave the press and audiences in awe of the backdrop.

Press walls can be set up for print or LED wall options. They are quick and efficient to get ready and we will always use the highest quality of print and highest resolution of LED, ensuring you achieve a smart and professional look for your event and the brands are seen crystal clear.

We do have standard sizes of press walls, but we are also able to customise them to suit the requirements of your event. The size of your press wall will be determined by how big your staging area will be and how many people will be standing or sitting in front of it. This will also ensure that the photo calls are producing the best photographs with the stage in the main shot and a the brands well within the frame.

Our team are able to arrange a site visit to ensure that the press wall is measured to the correct specifications and so on the day of the event, it will all look perfect. Our team are also able to do the staging, so if you need to enquire about that, please mention it when you call or visit our staging section here.