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Projection for Theatre Productions

Projection for Theatre Productions

Theatre productions require sets and backdrops which will leave the audience in amazement throughout the entire production. One effective solution to changing backdrops quickly throughout scene changes is to use projections. This will allow for smooth transitions between each scene and you have the flexibility to use images or footage that will make powerful statements.

A picture tells a story in its own way so it is vital to ensure that the projection matches the performance narrative. Our technicians will work on any presentations or still footage that you require to use on set, they will configure each set of images to make sure the audience experience the highest quality of images to match the performance.


Projections are often used, not only to add artistic value and the illusion of reality on a stage, but also because they are a cost effective method and they allow the production team more time on stage to rehearse with the final production design, as it does not take weeks to build the set.

Our technicians are able to be stay throughout your rehearsals and run through with your production engineers on using the equipment to ensure the smooth transition of projected footage through the scenes. This will ensure that your own production team are confident with using our equipment.


Our technical crew will also make sure that once the projections are installed, they work in conjunction with the stage lighting. The last thing you want is for the projection light to be washed out and the image completely lost, so our crew treat this as a very important factor and work to make sure all light levels are perfect for the production night.

You do not have to limit yourself to one backdrop image, you can use several projectors to showcase a number of images. Whether it is a location/setting backdrop or an artistic juxtaposition image or a simple projection, onto a wall or screen we have a range of equipment which will suit anything you are trying to achieve.

If you want a digital setting to seem real then you may want to thing about rear projection as this will seem the most realistic for the audience.

Contact our team today to discuss what your requirements are they will be happy to help you achieve the look you want to go for your production.