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Projection for Photo Shoots

Projection for Photo Shoots

Photo and film shoots have come along way, photographs and creative directors are delving into applying more creative methods to get amazing shots of models and other subjects. Using a projector on a photo shoot will open up an endless amount of unique ideas and result in some brilliant artistry and high quality images.

There are many different ways to use projections on photo shoots. One popular way is to use a projection screen behind the subject and project an image or some graphic designs or use projections to highlight the model themselves. 

Another method is to project one image in an art installation fashion and shoot the photograph with one subject or object in the frame.

You could even use projection to juxtapose the central backdrop. The possibilities are endless. If you have an idea, run it by our technical team and we will guide you through the best way to achieve the final look you are after.

One thing to remember is the speed at which you take the image. A faster shutter speed with a high lumen projector will result in more consistent lighting in each shot. 

The positioning of the projector will also play a vital role in what kind of image you end up with. If you prefer to have less shadows then our team can clamp the projector onto trussing at the height of your choice to ensure that you have the perfect lighting for each photograph.

Whatever the type of event you need your photo shoot for our team will take into account what your end photographs need to look like and recommend the best projection for the job.

Photographing subjects in a interesting way is not only down to the individual perceptions of a photographer but it is also vital to have the right tools for the job. The technical aspects of a good projector and screen will make the shot you take that much more powerful.

It is worth taking the time to think about the impact you want to make and discuss this with our team. Our team are experienced and knowledgeable with all projection equipment, so they will always offer you the best way to achieve what you have in mind.

Complete an enquiry form or simply call up and speak to a technician today to discuss what your plans are and we will be happy to help you produce the most amazing photographs for your photo shoot.