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Projectors, Laser projectors and 4k projectors are a popular way to show visual images or presentations. At London Audio we have a variety of projectors, we use a range of leading brands, from Panasonic, Canon, Barco, Epsom, Sanyo, Optima to Sony.

Our team are experienced in dealing with requests for projectors in a range of different environments and also for unique events. They will help guide you on which projector will suit your event needs.

The factors we will take into consideration when helping you decide which projector will be ideal for your event are, the throw distance, resolution, lamp life and also which projector will be the best for your choice of projection screen.

The projectors we use implement the latest technological advances built into them, therefore allowing for a clearer and optically efficient image to be projected. The projectors offer high brightness, high picture quality and system flexibility. As well as multiple display functions.


Modern projectors have also been further improved by implementing higher power lamps, which results in a more adequate projector as lamp life is improved greatly and a more precise image. As well as this feature, most projectors we have now also offer more flexible system as, they have a direct digital link. This means you are able to send FHD, HDMI, audio and control signals all through a single cable up 100m. Providing you with a high-quality transmission solution which is, able to project long distance and is a cost effective solution.

Most modern projectors are designed sympathetic to the environment, with less energy being used, if this is an important factor for you, feel free to discuss this with one of knowledgeable technicians.

However, going green, does not been that the image is compromised. Most projectors offer high reliability and image quality. The new technology allows for RGB to be increased therefore brighter images appear more highlighted where as darker images produce richer blacks which eliminates the previous duller dark picture and a more textural appearance.


Of course there are many other benefits of using a projector. They are lightweight products, which make them quick and easy to install for your event.  They can be mounted from the ceiling or simply rested on a projector table, this will a factor which will decided in the initial stages and will be dependent on the room size, the number of viewers/audience as well as what you material you are showcasing.


You can also choose between rear projectors and front projection. Rear projectors are becoming more popular for large scale events such as conferences or product launches, where a member of the audience walking past the projector thus creating the persons shadow to be projected onto the screen is not entirely favourable!




Panasonic VZ570 – 4800 lumen panasonic-vz570

This portable LCD projector features  WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixel) resolution which in turn means it brings a Full HD image to big screens in small spaces. Images are pin-sharp with detail allowing for an immersive viewing experience.

The VZ570 is the ideal portable projector with a high brightness of 4,800 lumen. Panasonic’s winning formula for imaging brilliance is completed by a high 10,000:1 contrast ratio. This ratio allows for images to portray deep blacks, pure highlights, and clear text and graphics.

The quiet design keeps noise levels down to 29 dB, so the sound of the cooling fan is kept to a minimum.
This helps the audience to keep their attention on the presentation or on the screen display during quiet scenes.

Panasonic’s Daylight View Basic technology achieves sharp, easy-to-see images by clearly reproducing the details in dark image areas. A built-in sensor measures the ambient light, once the recordings are in the Daylight View Basic function automatically adjusts the halftone color and brightness level according to the surrounding illumination.

Panasonic EZ580 – 5,400 lumen 

ez580A compact and powerful projector which is ideal for conference rooms, lecture halls, and annual general meetings. It has a WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution, offering the audience a clear image and text, key for communication during important meetings or conferences.

The motorised lens makes adjusting the image extremely easy, which allow our technicians to quickly focus in on your projected image or slide show, so instantly the audience have a crisper and clearer image or text to read.

The Eco-mode means the lamp life can last up to 4,500 hours in operation. The projector is further Eco-friendly as the clever lamp control system manages the amount of power drawn to the lamp depending on the projected image, therefore decreasing the power consumption.

Panasonic DZ870 – 8,500 lumendz870

A unique dual-lamp drive system has helped to make the body compact, while two newly developed, high-output, 420 W lamps provide high brightness of 8,500 lumens.

Panasonic’s Dynamic Iris uses a scene-linking aperture mechanism to achieve a remarkable 10,000:1 contrast without lowering its high brightness. This helps to reproduce deeper, richer blacks, and provides images with more detailed textures.

The RGB Booster achieves high image quality with levels of color reproduction and brightness that make each color stand out. The combination of the Vivid Color Control technology with a Lamp Modulation Drive System for a 1-chip DLP™ results in a reliable projector which produces images which are vivid and bright. The 1-Chip DLP™ technology will ensure that there is no decline in image quality. Images are analyzed frame by frame, and scene-linking and real time modulation are used to achieve high brightness and vivid color creation.

ViewSonic LS830, 4500 Lumen, Laser Projector

Featuring stunning 1080p resolution and 4,500 lumens of brightness, the ViewSonic® LS830 Laser Projector is the ideal solution for modern business and education environments.

We have a range of projectors available for hire for your event, these include:

  • 6,000 lumen
  • 6,500 lumen
  • 8,000 lumen
  • 9,400 lumen
  • 15,000 lumen
  • 10,600 lumen 3 chip DLP™
  • 12.000 lumen 3 chip DLP™
  • 20,000 lumen lumen 3 chip DLP™

If there is a particular projector you have in mind, just call and one of our team members will be more than happy to help accommodate for your request.

Professional Projector hire

When deciding whether to hire a projector for your event, there are a few elements we like to keep in mind to ensure it will work effectively. When we set-up a projector for you we check that the image is set perfectly for the screen and we provide the connecting cables from the source (whether that be a laptop, Mac, DVD, Media player etc).

Ambient light: Every projector is given a Lumen rating which tells you how bright the projector will shine. So, just like a torch in bright sunlight it may have little or no impact. This is normally a factor when using a venue with large windows or a Marquee during the day. But in a darkened room or night event, a projector is extremely effective for large audiences. We will help you make the right choice according to your venue.

Types of Projectors we offer: We now offer traditional  lamp projectors, Laser projectors and new 4K projectors, concert us so we can help you choose the correct projection for your event.

Projectors for film shoots

Resolution: This refers to the number of pixels that make up an image. There are a range of resolutions to choose from, including, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, 720p, 1080p and WUXGA. The most common and effective resolution is XGA, this is the most popular for Power Point presentations from laptops and DVD players. If you have a presentation where a very high quality image is really important, then using a HD projector is best, with the visuals being shown from a Blu-ray player or laptop with HDMI output.

Throw distance: This refers to the distance between the screen and the projector. This is normally a factor when this distance is either very short or very long. We can help you make the most of your venue and select the right lens for extreme distances.

Screen: The size of the screen being used or in the case of using a wall, the size of the image you wish to have, also determines the size of the projector required. There are many screens options, we can assist you to make the best choice.

Projectors for stage sets

Lamp Life: This is an important factor as it will help with the quality of your image. LED projectors are beneficial for long-lasting lamp life and generating less heat, so not only is this Eco-friendly but also allows you not worry about the projector stopping mid-presentation or viewing. However, darker rooms may not benefit from LED projectors, as they are not as bright as traditional lamp projectors. These are ideal for larger audiences and where high brightness is required.

Laser Projector:

4k Laser Projector are perfect for environments that require 247 use and low maintenance, laser projectors do not directly output laser light through a lens. Rather, they use the lasers to through one method or another create a white light source.

Projector Hire Prices:

Professional projector hire prices can range from £195 to £10,000 depending on application and size, all the projectors we use and stock are deigned and engineered for commercial use.