Projection for Film Shoots and Music Videos

More and more film companies are using the power of projection to help bring a scene to life for an audience. We have worked in the past with TV companies wishing to project a life-like image of surrounding areas to make a moving car scene seem real. But these days film institutions are developing a range of creative ideas and more recently we have been using projections to illuminate buildings as well as creating interesting reflections in water.

The 80’s was the era when projections were most popular and we are pleased to say that the technology for projections come a long way since then! Newer and more advanced technology means that the projectors have a higher lumen capability thus resulting in a crisp clear projection allowing the filmmaker to not break verisimilitude of the scene.

Rear and front projections are really popular for film and TV shoots. Our team are able to work around the set design and ensure that the projection offers the highest quality of image for the scene. Our team are also able to stay on set and work alongside your team to ensure you have the correct depth of field for the shots you require the projection to be used in.

Our team will set up the projector to ensure that there are no shadows surrounding the subject and work with the lighting on the set. It is important that the shot shows no light and shadows from the projector, in order to avoid this our head technician may suggest positioning the projector from a height.

If this is the case, we can set up rigging or complete a health and safety check on the set’s trussing and work with that. In most cases we have widely used clamps and adapters to secure projectors to what is already set up in your venue.

We also use projector flying frames which are the ideal solution to make sure your projection is perfect to the exact millimeter. These frames are also ingenious for stacking projectors together to allow for a secure way to double up images.

We utilise equipment like this as it saves time and makes setting up projections more efficient and fast, therefore giving you more time on set to shoot.

Using projections are ideal for production companies to also keep costs down, as shooting on location will mean less time for you to film the perfect shot and at a higher expense. Projecting images of particular locations onto a green screen, projector or even a wall means that you can save on your budget and still get the ambiance of the environment you wish to show your audience.

Image quality is really important, so if there is a particular image or footage you wish to have projected during your film shoot, make sure you send this over to our team and we will work on configuring the scale to fit the projection image so it is of the highest quality.









We have worked on a range of film shoots, from small screen to large scale mainstream films and we know we have the capability to make just about anything happen with the power of projection.

Contact our team today with your query and we will be happy to help discuss your ideas and the best projection screens and projectors we can use to help you achieve the final look you want.