Window Projection for Art Installation at Greenwich Peninsula

Our Client for this art wall assignment was NOW Gallery. This amazing gallery offers a public exhibition space for contemporary art, fashion, photography and design on the Greenwich Peninsula. NOW Gallery showcases established and emerging artists work and prides itself on the importance of connecting to the local area, as well as introducing more ambitious and interactive artwork.   

The project manager was tasked with the brief of providing the most appropriate visual technology to showcase artwork in the main windows to the building. After looking at the artwork to be projected, our team decided to use 3 Digital Projection E-Vision 4K-UHD laser projectors. These projections produce 7,500 lumens, making them ideal for the environmental conditions and ensuring the artwork quality was not compromised. The 4K-UHD projector provides more pixels, a much more immersive experience, which is in part due to the Colour Max technology, and was also the most idea solution for this particular case as it lasts up to 20,000 hours!

Once decided on the visual technology, our partners went about making 3 wooden plinths for the projectors to sit in. This part of the job was crucial as, even a mm out and the projection would end up misaligned. Thanks to our team of perfectionists the plinths provided the flawless projection to go ahead. Next our team were tasked with ensuring the projection film covered the windows unblemished so the final look had no bumps or kinks in it.

Of course the artwork speaks for itself and was truly mesmerising. But our team were really impressed with the combination of technology and art, the final result was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.