Stage & Effect Lighting and Design

Stage and effect lighting is often used for theatre shows, film & TV productions, dance shows, concerts as well as certain exhibitions. The purpose of the lighting is to entice the audience and make the performance a remarkable event to remember.

Lighting is a factor which is just as important as sound. Our bespoke stage designs can be completed with lighting rig installations. We discuss this is in detail with you, in order to stage the lighting to your events theme.

Manipulating lighting is the easiest way to get the effect you are after. Your event lighting can be changed to depict certain moods, or be timed to work alongside dramatic scenes in a performance plot or even used to light up only parts of the stage in order to retain audience focus. Using the hard light of a follow spot will allow the audience to focus on the actors performance in an emotive scene.

Uplighters are a good way to distribute colour around the stage, these lights can be set to any colour or changing colours that you wish to use. Other forms of lighting can be used to help distribute light evenly and intensely across the stage. Coloured lighting and side lighting are installed by the technicians and are ready to use for rehearsals.

During rehearsals is when our technicians will be able to adjust any of the lights or recommend using a different form of stage light to get the right look for the production.

Lasers are also another form of lighting which can help stage presence and create an awe inspiring show. The pure colours which laser beams provide are brilliant for putting on a great light show. Lighting technicians are able to control the speed at which you desire.

Stage effects also includes completing the look with stage draping, these can be of any colour or materials of your choice. Stage backdrops can be personalised to whatever your production entails. We have an in-house stage building facility, so every stage made is bespoke.

Other technical equipment such as, smoke machines are also a brilliant way to create an atmosphere on stage which makes productions more authentic for audiences.

Our team will work with you throughout the entire process so that we can make the end result of your stage lighting and effects look as amazing as the production itself.