Step and Repeat Walls

Our team at London Audio Visual are able to work with event planners for product launches, Brand Sponsorship for Charity Fundraisers, Red Carpet events, Press Conferences, Private events and whole host of different event types which require step and repeat walls to communicate brand messages.

The repeated pattern of brand logos works well for an event where the attendees are able to stand and pose for photographs and move further along to allow for the rest of the important guests to move in front of the wall to continue to do the same for a large number of photographers. A step and repeat is ideal for this as it helps to keep the photograph opportunity organised and keep momentum going, therefore the event organisers do not have to worry about time wasting on a strict event schedule.

The step and repeat name is also given due to the printing of the brand logo is duplicated in the same pattern, this is a good way to ensure that every photo opportunity includes the brand sponsors logos in each shot. This is also particularly useful for events where the main people are seated and the backdrop allows for the brand to frequently appear in the photographs.

If you opt for the traditional print step and repeat we will always use print which is of the highest resolution, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the wall is of premium quality. Each step and repeat wall is custom built for your event requirements, they can start from 1m x 1m, 2m x 6m, 3m x 8m, the size possibilities are really dependent on what you need. Our team are able to make the step and repeat walls in-house so you are able to customise to the size your venue needs.

We use eco-friendly and versatile aluminium frames for both our traditional and LED step and repeat walls. We choose to use these for both styles of walls, as they are easy to transport and the quickest to set up and place the material or LED panels onto. This makes it the ideal piece of equipment for an event which requires a quick set up allowing you to continue working on the other elements to prepare.

The artwork is always checked by our technical team before it is sent for print or transferred to a digital file. If LED panels are your preferred choice for a step and repeat wall, they are always connected by our technicians to create a seamless look. LED is a new and exciting way to showcase images whether they be static or moving. The result is a optimum resolution and crystal clear image due to the pixel pitch only being 3.1 mm.

If you require further information on either the traditional or LED wall option for a step and repeat wall then please do not hesitate to contact one our friendly team members on 0207 701 9444 or alternatively complete the enquiry form and will get back to.