Kilburn & Strode In-House Conference

Kilburn & Strode contacted London Audio Visual in June for an in-house conference set up. Our team were hired to set up a 12m x 2m stage to include custom backdrop with printing. The team had to include video presentation equipment, which our lead project manager suggested to be, two 75” LED 4K display screens, as they offered the highest form of clarity for the venue.

Aesthetically the venue was dressed with the stage and the backdrop with custom printing for Kilburn & Strode. The client also opted to have coloured carpet in the middle of the hall, which built into the theme of the company colours really well. We firmly believe that little elements such as this, make any event seem more interesting and complete the look. 12 Wireless Astera lights programmed to white light were distributed around the stage area. This really lifted the custom backdrop and made for an interesting focal point.  

After discussions with our clients, the lead technician decided to install a Confidence Monitor (43” LED Screen), to ensure the smooth running of individual presentations. Presenters were hooked up to Sennheiser Wireless lapel mics and the sound was distributed by FBT 8” speakers, strategically placed by the technicians around the venue.

We were able to secure the venue the day before Kilburn & Strode’s event, so our team of technicians had plenty of time before the event for an immaculate set up. Our clients wanted to include technical support for their event, this entailed our trusted staff to stay on site and manage the audio visual elements of the event. Our technicians were able to ensure that the wireless mics were always set to the correct frequency to enable clarity of the speaker’s voice throughout the entire presentation.

Overall, London Audio’s team really enjoyed working with Kilburn & Strode’s team! We hope to do more work with them in the future!