New 85″ 4K Commercial Grade Screens

June 27, 2018 1:39 pm Published by

London Audio Visual are really excited to have received our new Sony 85″ LED 4K screens. These illuminating screens are truly amazing and are able to omit the best ever quality of image we have ever seen. This all possible to the millions of self-illuminating OLED pixels which are individually activated to reproduce lifelike images. The Backlight master drive is also a key component in this product as it helps to create a deeper black and dazzling light.

The Sony 4K HDR TV helps to keep further focus on the picture by utilising a discreet aluminium frame, making it the perfect screen to use for a variety of events, ranging from, product launches, fashion shows, exhibitions, sporting events, and many more!

With the new 4K screens the technology is really able to upscale images closer to true 4K quality for remarkable clarityeach picture is sharpened and refined in real time, producing the finest quality of image for your audience to see.

If you are as excited as us about these screens and want to hire a 4K screen which will produce a high contrast real life image for your event, then give one of our team a call on 0207 701 9444 or fill out the contact form (Here)

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