Rigby & Peller Retail Window Display

Rigby & Peller had an exciting new launch planned for a new designer for which the London Audio Visual team were more than happy to help! Our Client was the designer who wanted her new line of clothing to be displayed in the established Rigby & Peller Chelsea store, for a months duration. 

The site visit was undertaken by the project leader, where he was able to determine the key factor to take into consideration was natural light. For this reason he suggested using 75” LCD screens, which would provide 2,500 nit screens which means the screen will be viewable even in sunlight, making them the ideal solution for the environment.

Lighting was not the only factor to consider, upon the site visit, we quickly realised that we had to come up with a solution for the space restraints. Behind the retail window the space was limited. So to be able to use the best screens, whilst providing optimum picture quality, our team would have to build a custom made floor mount to fit the dimensions of the entire width of the window display area. This was also equally important because the base had to support the weight of the extremely large 75” display screens.

Our team set up an in-house demo prepared for the client, so she could see how the final display would look and work with the look of her design elements. This was really important as the stand had to be minimal and not obtrusive, whilst ensuring that the screen was supported safely.

The end results was magnificent! The client had created a beautiful design to showcase the new line of clothing. Overall the look was amazing and intricate.