We now offer Absen 2.5 mm pixel pitch indoor LED Screen Tiles

London Audio Visual are proud to announce we now offer Absen 2.5mm Pitch LED tiles, The brand new 2.5mm LED product from Absen offers superior contrast and high precision alignment using UltraBlack Technology – Small sized non-reflection LEDs, combined with matte and super black mask, the PL2.5 Pro has a superior contrast. This P2-series Absen LED tile with premium level
flatness and Crystal View technology provides outstanding image quality. The patented Absen, matte black click mask and black face LEDs guarantee optimal contrast, ensuring vivid, crisp images.

Absen LED Screen key features

–  The thinnest LED tile available for seamless integration

–  2.5 mm pixel pitch

–  Supreme hi res image quality

–  Endless possibilities for assembly, including concave mounting

–  Creative straight & curved LED tiles combinationWall, ceiling & floor

–  Flush integration of the video wall. Fasten with standard quick tighteners

–  Compatible with all Aluvision corner profiles

–  Curved -Use standard straight Absens LED tiles in combination with wedges to create a concave wall

–  Absen LED Tunnel configuration walls & ceiling