Why you should use LED screens and LED video walls for exhibitions?

Why you should use LED screens and LED video walls for exhibitions.

Gain 36% more business leads with an LED Screen or LED video wall!

Typical standard exhibition stand using print.

The cost of floor space at an exhibition can typically cost anything from £400 to £1000 per square meter and a standard printed exhibition stand can cost from £300 to £1500 per square meter including build and logistics, so based on a popular 5m x 3m exhibition stand it could cost –

Typical 5m x 3m Exhibition Stand Cost.

Floor space £6000 to £15,000
Exhibition stand design and build £4500 – £22500
Power/Electrical £2000 to £5000
Staff for the stand based on 4 people for 3 days £2400 to £3400
Refreshments for the stand £600 to £1200

Total £15,500 to £47,100


We used our stand traffic analytics system to test between two stands at the same exhibition in the same location, both stands were 5m x3m.

One exhibition stand had standard print with a basic 55” screens and some IT equipment; the other exhibition stand had a 4m by 3m Hi res LED screen with eye catching content and a touch screen with basic IT.

The stand with the LED screen had 43% more traffic and a 36% increase in new business leads.

So the typical cost of an LED screen based on a 4m x 3m screen would cost approximately £4000, if you added this screen to the exhibition stand the total cost of the stand would be either £19500 or £51,100 depending on the style for the stand, an increase of only £4000 on either stand but generating 36% more leads and upping the traffics and gaining 43% more brand visibility then a stand with out an LED screen.


It is very viable to add a large LED screen and video wall with grabbing content to your exhibition stand, it’s a small fraction of cost compared to the overall exhibition stand cost but gives you a much higher conversion with 43% more traffic and most importantly new business leads, 36% more!