London Audio Visual are proud to announce we now offer Absen 2.5mm Pitch LED tiles, The brand new 2.5mm LED product from Absen offers superior contrast and high precision alignment using UltraBlack Technology – Small sized non-reflection LEDs, combined with matte and super black mask, the PL2.5 Pro has a superior contrast. This P2-series Absen LED tile with premium level flatness and Crystal View technology provides outstanding image quality. The patented Absen, matte black click mask and black face LEDs guarantee optimal contrast, ensuring vivid, crisp images. Absen LED Screen key features –  The thinnest LED tile available for seamless integration –  2.5 mm pixel pitch –  Supreme hi res image quality –  Endless possibilities for assembly, including concave mounting –  Creative straight & curved LED tiles combinationWall, ceiling & floor –  Flush integration of the video wall. Fasten with standard quick tighteners –  Compatible with all Aluvision corner profiles –  Curved -Use standard straight Absens LED tiles in combination with wedges to create a concave wall –  Absen LED Tunnel configuration walls & ceiling

London Audio Visual are proud to announce that we will soon have stock of the amazing Aluvision Hi-LED 55. The Aluvison 2.5 fine pitch LED tiles are the latest in LED technology, designed by Aluvison and made by world leading LED manufacturer Absen. Who are Aluvison?  Aluvision is the leading developer, manufacturer and global distributor of innovative exhibit solutions. Ever since the introduction of the original Aluvision frame system, They offer a wide product range solutions for modular panel/fabric walls, LED lighting concepts, hanging structures, displays, etc. Innovation, durability and reusability are the key values behind every Aluvision product. This Aluvision Absen P2-series LED tile with premium level flatness and CrystalView technology provides outstanding image quality. The patented, matt black click mask and black face LEDs guarantee optimal contrast, ensuring vivid, crisp images. Who are Absen Absen was instrumental to the success of over 30,000 projects worldwide to date. High Quality LED Display Solutions & Products For The Live Events, Rental Staging Industry. Led Boards. Large Led Displays. Led Billboards. Led Video Walls. Pages Link for Creative Aluvison  LED: ALUVISION® HI-LED 55 Pages Link for Creative Exhibition Stands: Creative Exhibition Stands We will keep you updated.. if you would like more information on...

London Audio Visual are proud to have been a small part of this film shoot for Retro Super Future… we supplied our hi-res LED wall along with delivery and tech support. If you are interested in Hi-Res LED please give us a call or email us

Did you know we stock a large range of touch screens of all different sizes including  options (32″, 42”, 55”, 65”, 70” and 86”), HD and 4K resolution… Some features listed below – The infrared technology – with infrared backlight a touch event is registered with great accuracy when the infrared light is blocked by finger or stylus. Anti Glare coating – used to help avoid issues with reflections and external light sources affecting colour reproduction, contrast and sharpness. It also makes the screen less susceptible to dust, grease and dirt marks. Playback – The monitor supports playback of presentations, video and almost any type of content stored on the USB device or internal memory. Integrated interactive EasiNote software – turns you monitor into an whiteboard We offer a delivery setup and collection service for all of our products , if you are interested in hiring touch screen for your event or exhibition please contact us.

What is Hypervsn™

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Hypervsn is the The world’s first Integrated 3D Holographic display system, it is an award-winning technology company responsible for developing the highly-disruptive 3D LED holographic display that provides an immersive experience for viewers. Hypervsn™ creates incredibly realistic 3D visuals with unbelievable HD quality and stunning holographic effects, Hypervsn™ is the perfect solution for Retail, Products Launches, Exhibitions and Experiential Marketing. if you are interested in this products please visit our product page a fill out the contact form – Hypervsn™ Information If you are looking to hire Hypervsn for your event please contact us on either or phone 0207 701 9444.

Rigby & Peller Retail Window Display

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Rigby & Peller had an exciting new launch planned for a new designer for which the London Audio Visual team were more than happy to help! Our Client was the designer who wanted her new line of clothing to be displayed in the established Rigby & Peller Chelsea store, for a months duration.  The site visit was undertaken by the project leader, where he was able to determine the key factor to take into consideration was natural light. For this reason he suggested using 75” LCD screens, which would provide 2,500 nit screens which means the screen will be viewable even in sunlight, making them the ideal solution for the environment. Lighting was not the only factor to consider, upon the site visit, we quickly realised that we had to come up with a solution for the space restraints. Behind the retail window the space was limited. So to be able to use the best screens, whilst providing optimum picture quality, our team would have to build a custom made floor mount to fit the dimensions of the entire width of the window display area. This was also equally important because the base had to support the weight of the...

Our Client for this art wall assignment was NOW Gallery. This amazing gallery offers a public exhibition space for contemporary art, fashion, photography and design on the Greenwich Peninsula. NOW Gallery showcases established and emerging artists work and prides itself on the importance of connecting to the local area, as well as introducing more ambitious and interactive artwork.    The project manager was tasked with the brief of providing the most appropriate visual technology to showcase artwork in the main windows to the building. After looking at the artwork to be projected, our team decided to use 3 Digital Projection E-Vision 4K-UHD laser projectors. These projections produce 7,500 lumens, making them ideal for the environmental conditions and ensuring the artwork quality was not compromised. The 4K-UHD projector provides more pixels, a much more immersive experience, which is in part due to the Colour Max technology, and was also the most idea solution for this particular case as it lasts up to 20,000 hours! Once decided on the visual technology, our partners went about making 3 wooden plinths for the projectors to sit in. This part of the job was crucial as, even a mm out and the projection would end up...

To Hire Video Walls or to Hire LED Video Wall instead? At London Audio Visual we have been working with Video Walls for a long time now, more recently we have been utilising the innovative LED walls available. Our team have been debating which technology offers the very best solution for our clients and here is what we have decided… LED Wall Hire vs Video Wall Hire Whilst Video Walls have started the revolution of showcasing large impactful screens, they are in fact screens which join, so no matter how slim the bevel may be, there will always be a line present once the screens are connected, meaning the content will be less impactful. Technically they require more labour and take longer to set up, therefore costs can increase for this purpose. Where as, LED Walls are a lot more flexible as they are easy to handle and quicker to set up. Making them perfect for events where the venue is restricted on time our crew have to prep for the event. All the labour intensive stuff aside…technology wise our team feel that they are by far the much better product for events. This is because the LED tiles omit a much...

EE brings BT Sport to the Telly: Kevin helps Delia Smith out with her football viewing conundrum London Audio Visual are proud to have worked with EE and BT Sport, with there new TV Advert, we supplied our large 98″ screen and sound bars for this TV advert. Checkout the video –     If you are looking to hire a 98″ screen for your event please contact us on either or phone 0207 701 9444.