LED Screens for Retail Window Displays

Street View LED screens in Window Displays

LED Screen Solutions for Indoor Marketing

Digital Signage for Information In Restaurants 

Use of LED Screens in the Fashion and Beauty Industry

LED Screens serving the Automotive & Furniture Marketing

The Retail Industry is constantly seeking new ways to attract customers, one of the building blocks is creating an enrapturing window display.

Window displays are historically the foundation that visual merchandising teams use to promote a particular brand or retailer. Assembling the retail window display correctly may seem like an easy task, however, for a successful creative process of the window display, it is essential to consider many factors that ultimately impact the final message of advertising on the customer.

The visual merchandising team have access to many resources in order to make a retail window displays both attractive and memorable to potential customers. One of the most modern advertising methods is the use of LED screens in store retail windows. Due to the ability to dynamically change the content of the message, LED screens provide the visual merchandising team with incredible flexibility when it comes to creating the overall concept of the shop window.


Street View LED Screens in Window Displays 

In this article, we will discuss and explain the benefits of LEDs and demonstrate using LED screens in a specific Retail Window Display.

Illuminated LED screens in retail outdoor displays have the incomparable advantage of active lighting. Simply put, the LED screen in the window display stands out significantly more than passive advertising space. Scientists have proven that the human brain concentrates on these light-emitting elements, for example, when you see the lights of a car on the street or at a traffic light the Human eyes will automatically register the visual perception and gravitate toward it. 

LED screens in Retail Window displays work the same way. The active technology of the digital display screens makes the advertisement space distinctly stand out and compels potential customers to focus on the offer. This advertising technique results in a significant increase footfall. The fundamental advantage of LED screens which makes them superior to any other indoor and outdoor advertising technology is, that the screens are bright enough to provide excellent visibility even in direct sunlight, where as other solutions do not achieve results even remotely comparable.

LED Screen Solutions for Indoor Marketing

An essential factor in using Illuminated LED window displays for indoor marketing is the so-called “first-minute factor” where a customer decides whether to enter the store or not. Utilising an Indoor LED screen hire for a Retail Display ensures the high resolution screens can present content in a refined and precise way, even when used at a short distance. All of these factors, along with real colour rendering and high image quality, make LED screens an extremely recognisable element which helps retailers attract customers. Installing LED screens for Indoor Marketing also has the added bonus of easily changing creative content, thus modifying any marketing campaign swiftly and conveniently. 

Digital Signage for Information in Restaurants

What happens when you are the owner of a restaurant and decide to bring out a special menu this week, but still don’t know how to tell your customers about this change in your restaurant and also intrigue their taste buds? In the past, you would need to design an advertising banner, get it printed and position it in the window display. After a specific event is over, the banner would be taken and thrown away, without being reused. This is not only uneconomical, but also un-ecological making it very inefficient.

The advantages of utilising an LED screen are:

  • Have constant control over the content of the message
  • Do not have to create a new banner each time you change the offer
  • Capability of easy content editing
  • Opportunity to change the content of the marketing message in real-time
  • React flexibly to the situation
  • Clarity of image is Eye-Catching

As the saying goes, a person eats with their eyes, therefore it’s imperative in Restaurants to trigger the sense of taste with strong visual imagery. 

In supermarkets, the current offer is also an important topic, since it changes from day to day. Illuminated LED window displays are crucial in guiding the customer visually and motivating them to buy the goods. In this case, illuminated LED displays can serve as a visual sign to alert the customer to the current offer and therefore promote targeted sales.

Use of LED screens in the Fashion and Beauty Retail Industry 

Fashion and Beauty sectors are one of the most firm and substantial industries. With customers spending billions of pounds annually, it is imperative that fashion and beauty outlets display their products in colourful and attractive window displays, whilst also being cohesive with different brands identity. In this case, visual merchandising teams often use illuminated LED screens in combination with static elements. The high resolution of LED screens and the true display of colours allows creative teams to display content in high quality, which is essential to the promotion of fashion.

Harrods Shop Window LED ScreensOne example for all is the replacement of a mannequin with an illuminated LED window display. In this case, the undeniable advantage is the dynamics of the content, simply put, the customer is more attracted to the video in high definition showing the new collection against a colourful, striking background, rather than on a faceless mannequin. As you can imagine these factors are crucial for increasing footfall of your store. The same is valid for the cosmetic industry, where video presentations are much more appealing than static photos. 

The beauty of LED screens allows for long term installation in Retail Window Displays, with minimal intervention post installation needed. This makes it a highly suitable technology for Retailers promoting a continuing campaign.

LED Screens Serving the Automotive & Furniture Marketing

Though it may not seem so at first glance, retail window display promotion for the automotive and furniture industry has many similarities. The main common factor is to offer several variations of one product. Whether it’s the different colours of a sofa or a different type of wheels for a car. With the aid of illuminated LED screens and digital software, creatives in these fields have many opportunities to display their products in real-time and in real-scale. For example, a large-format LED screen in a car showroom. Nothing is easier than displaying a 3D model of a car in real size and immediately incorporating the modifications the customer requires instead of browsing through a catalog or displaying the offer on a small screen. LED screens thus provide a means of presenting products with a maximum degree of realism.

People with a great aesthetic sense are often drawn to design furniture products. They tend to be surrounded by beautiful things. They want to stand out from the crowd. Design and novelty are crucial factors for this group of customers when selecting a store and also a product. Therefore, retail shop windows in this sector must be highly creative and appealing. Modern rigging solutions of LED screens allow visual merchandising teams to design highly stylish retail window displays. I can speak from personal experience. Customer asked for a big indoor LED screen for a new marketing campaign, but wanted it to look natural with the rest of the store furniture. All that to be done in very short time with minimal impact on actual walls or floor surface. In that case our LED team delivered a custom LED screen with vintage wooden frames hanging in the reception lobby, surrounded by flowers and palm trees. All that was possible thanks to the very simple rigging system of the LED screen. In the end, the look was exactly what the client expected.


Overall there is no denying the power of LED screens for the Retail Industry. As well looking spectacular they are efficient way to increase footfall and get messages across to the consumers with clarity.