103″ Plasma Display Screen

103″ Plasma Display Screen Hire

These large format display screens utilise Frame Sequential technology. This involves the left and right images being displayed alternately at 120 frames per second. This screen is excellent when used as a large video poster in retail outlets.

The impressive screen size of 89.3″ x 50.2″ boasts a contrast ratio of 40,000:1 which allows for the image to have a higher level of depth.

The technology in which the left-eye and right-eye 3D images are sent to the viewer is the key to 3D image quality. For this, FULL HD 3D uses something called the Frame Sequential technology. The left and right images are alternately displayed at high speed (60 frames per second for each eye x 2 = 120 frames per second). When viewed with special glasses that open and close shutters in sync with the displayed frames, the brain creates the sensation of depth from the visual disparity to form 3D images

This huge 100″ – 103″ plasma display can easily serve as a whiteboard for conference rooms or as a large video poster in retail spaces. Installed in portrait orientation, it can display a person’s, life-sized. It’s an ideal large-screen display for use in presentations with a large number of viewers, or as a digital signage system.