42″ LED Display Screen

42″ LED Display Screen Hire

This may be one of the smallest screen we offer for hire, but it still offers a clear picture without any distortion. The design of the narrow bezel ensures that the viewers eye is drawn straight to the image. 

The screen is enhanced with video processing capabilities, allowing for an improved image resolution, even when zooming into images for a video wall, supporting up to a 5 x 5 configuration. It’s lightweight design also means it is easy to set up, which means less time on equipment set up and more on rehearsing or preparing for your event.

The 42″ screens are perfect for digital signage in retail outlets as well as exhibitions to help with attracting footfall to your stand or even comfort monitors, so presenters can see what their audience is viewing at the same time. These screens have also been used by our clients for training events in boardrooms as they provide the audience with a clear view of important information. Another added bonus is that this stylish screen comes with a new anti-reflective coating which reduces reflections and improving audience viewing.

The screen offers a High-Performance Image Engine for Flexible Image Adjustment which include: