55″ LED Display Screen Hire

55″ LED Display Screen Hire

The 55” screen delivers 4K high-quality images without any blurring or glare. This screen is ideal for a variety of events and can accommodate for small or large venues.

The 55″ Samsung screen proves a viable option for events as it is economical and environment friendly. The LED lamps located on the sides of the panel emit light on the display sides, resulting in a much thinner screen that requires fewer lamps than the conventional displays. This allows for viewers in close proximity to the display screen a more enjoyable viewing process.

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The ultra-clear panel means the 55” screen is equipped to provide your intended audience with enhanced picture quality. This panel has the added functionality of reducing reflections, therefore making it easier for your audience to read and process information from the screen.


The vivid and detailed image is down to the augmented contrast ratio, which provides higher brightness levels.  The Image Rotation feature enables image orientation rotation from portrait to landscape for greater display flexibility. There are two ratio options available, either original ratio or auto full sizing ratio. Image quality is preserved when the images are rotated, with no loss of ratio.


The screen has a DVI loop out, which allows a single image to be shared with nearby screens. This feature eliminates the need to set up separate video signal distributors for each device, resulting in less equipment for a cleaner look at your event.

With the use of System-on-Chip technology and built in WiFi you can upload content without having to use external technology. These screens are extremely efficient and offer quick set up and take down, so your event can run smoothly.

Video walls

Video walls are another way the 55″ screens can be used, the thin bezels allow for the use of multiple screens to appear seamless. Video walls are popular in retail outlets, where you can showcase products on a stunning large scale screen, keeping the audience engaged and attracted to your brand and the products.

Plasma LCD LED Screen Hire

These screens have been utilised by our technical crew at a number of different events, ranging from board room meetings, seminars, exhibitions, formal dinner events, museums and art galleries. The result is always a precise and luminous image.