The 3840 x 2160 resolution of this 98″ screen is perfect for displaying visual images crisply to your audience. The seamless look of the screen is created by the ultra thin design of the screen, making them the perfect screens for a variety of event types, from fashion shows, conferences to retail outlets.

The LG 98″ screens are half the weight of other screens, which make them portable and quick to set up for your event. Our team often recommend using this screen due this reason, as we understand the demand of time constraints for your event.

The visual impact of the Samsung 98″ screen is amazing, the clarity allows any images or information to be clearly seen by guests, which is why they work so well for commercial displays as well as at exhibitions. Another factor which makes this screen the perfect choice for public displays is its reliability, the screen has been built to present images for long duration’s without any distortion. The HDMI Output an d USB ports making connecting your presentation or visual images fast and effective, meaning there is no need for wires, allowing for a cleaner look around the screen.

The non-glare screen allows for optimum visibility, this use of screen allows for lighting equipment to be used at your event, without having to worry about the light reflecting on the screen and altering the image quality.

The versatility of the screen extends to the st up allowing you to choose portrait or landscape. Whatever your needs are for your event, speak to one of team members and we can advise you best on how to use these 98″ screens to make your event visual material the focal point.

Key Features:

-UHD resolution

-Cooling technology allows for continuous use

-500-nit birghtness

-Non-glare screen

-Multi-screen support

We stock the following brand of 98″ screen, Samsung QM98F, LG 98LS95D and NEC X981UHD, contact us today on 0207 701 9444 to discuss hire and rental of the 98″ screen for your event.