95″ LED Display Screen Hire

95″ LED Display Screen Hire

The Samsung 95” large format screen utilises the benefit of LED technology combined with 4K and FHD thus producing an image with a high impact. This screen is an excellent option for brands looking for marketing solutions.


The life-size digital images and videos on the large format offer an effective way to entice audiences to the product or brand being advertised. The screens are excellent for marketing products at high end stores, whilst also heightening brand awareness.

The Samsung 95″ screens are built with a sleek and premium design which can enhance any décor for any type of event. The super-slim profile means it the format can conveniently be adjusted to landscape or portrait mode to deliver rich, dynamic and impactful images.

95" Screen can be portrait or landscape

The 95″ screens can also be used in video wall format, The symmetrical & slender design allows the screen to be conveniently mounted and a powerful screen to use when creating a sensational video wall. When the screens are connected to make a large scale video wall, the effect is one which will stun shoppers, guests or audiences with fabulous life-like imagery. Even when multiple displays are grouped together, the screen’s ultra-narrow bezels disappear into the background for a seamless viewing experience.


The screens do not require any wired cables to be connected from a PC or any other device to the display to transmit the content. The display screen has built-in Wi-Fi, which means you can clone content wirelessly from your device to the display or event from the display to laptops, tablets or smartphones in the room. This will make conferences, seminars or annual general meetings more efficient when trying to share data.


Digital signage presentations retain picture quality with broad colour ratios, deep blacks and sharp images, even in bright light rooms. The cutting edge technology means that the displays have virtually no distortion.

The reduced light scatter and reduced reflection make the content easier to read, increasing audience concentration. These screen will provide an amazing experience for your audience as they are immersed into the world of the footage or image.

95" Screen stand for hire

Our team thoroughly enjoy working with the 95″ screens, as the image it produces is awe-inspiring. We have set these screens up at a number of different event types, ranging from, conferences, annual general meetings, museum exhibitions, cultural events, fashion shows, retail outlets in-store and also promotional pop-up shops, and each time they never fail to deliver an exceptional image. Our 95″ Large format display is supplied with a Media Screen SL75 stand allowing full impact at any event.

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