65″ LED Display Screen

65″ LED Display Screen Hire

A large display screen which is suitable for meeting rooms, exhibitions, fashion shows as well as product launches. With it’s exceptional picture quality it is also perfect for displaying important information for Annual General Meetings (AGM) or seminars. Slim and light with narrow bezels, these digital signage screens are easy to handle and install, which makes the setup of it quick and easy.

SONY BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays

The Sony 4K images are crisp and clear with an extensive range in colour ratios. Utilising reduced light scatter and reduced reflection technology results in clarity of the image even in light-filled rooms. This is the ideal screen to offer higher user experience so you can be assured that all important information will not go unnoticed.

The 65″ Sony screens can be positioned in landscape or portrait mode, in either original or full ratio without compromising on picture quality.

The screen is built to have effective power consumption, therefore it uses less energy and you have longer screening time. You also the option to have this as an interactive screen, if you would be interested in this please mention it to one of our team members when booking, as we can provide touchscreen displays.


With all of these features, the 65″ display screens are the perfect alternatives for a projector in light filled rooms. Setting the screens up does not involve multiple wires, therefore your presentation area is free from machinery and cables.

Content can be played on multiple displays from a central PC or directly from a USB drive. Or the built-in Wi-Fi, allows you to use Device to Display function to clone content directly from the device to display or to laptops, tablets or smartphones in the venue. Allowing you to involve your audience immediately with presentations and information from your event.

75" Screen stand for hire

Video walls are another way the 65″ screens can be used, the thin bezels allow for the use of multiple screens to appear seamless. The large size of the screens allows for an awe-inspiring video wall to be created. Video walls are popular in retail outlets, where you can showcase products on a stunning large scale screen, keeping the audience engaged and attracted to your brand and the products.

The 65″ is a durable screen, which will meet the requirements of many different types of events. It is a professional product which will offer a clear image to captivate your audiences. This also makes it an excellent option for digital signage solutions.