This small and ideal screen is a brilliant choice for exhibitions, conference, retail outlets. Even at 43″ the 1920 x 1080 pixels results in excellent colour reproduction, and sharp image, which is why it is a popular screen among event organisers.

The USB port allows for video footage and presentations to be easily displayed from the screen. This also means set up is quick and easy, allowing you more time to be prepared for your event. The vivid imagery allows your audience a chance to view a symphony of colours and faultless imagery.

The narrow bezel width means the image appears to reach the entire width of the screen, maximising concentration levels on the screen output. The 42″ can also be connected into a multi-screen configuration allowing you to share the information across a number of screens around your venue. At London Audio Visual we also offer a service of formatting your presentation or footage to the correct ratio, ensuring it is ready to upload to the right configurations and have it ready for the multi-screen set up, meaning you do not have to worry about this on the day.

The versatility of setting the screen up in portrait or landscape allows for you to have flexibility to show your media material to suit your audience and enhance viewing experience.

The reliability of the screen is another factor to take into consideration, for conference, exhibitions and retail outlets, to name but a few of the event types, you will need a screen which will run for long periods of time without any issues, the 43″ screen is one which will not let you down.