32″ LED Display Screen


This the smallest screen we offer for hire, but it still offers a clear picture. The design of the narrow bezel ensures that the viewers eye is drawn straight to the image.

Engage customers and vividly display business messaging with affordable Samsung DCE Series SMART Signage, featuring high picture quality with 350 nit brightness (32″: 330nit) and reliable 16/7 usage. With a slim, sleek design for extended indoor use in retail stores, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), small businesses and corporate conference rooms and offices, DCE Series displays stunningly present a range of immersive and timely information with captivating picture quality.

The 32″ screens are perfect for digital signage in retail outlets as well as exhibitions or computer monitors to help with attracting footfall to your stand or even comfort monitors, so presenters can see what their audience is viewing at the same time.

The screen offers a High-Performance Image Engine for Flexible Image Adjustment which include:
-Easy and simple content management with embedded MagicInfo Lite
-Slim design and expanded connectivity options for space efficiency
-digital signage that supports 16/7 operation and 350-nit brightness